Changing your destiny!

There are times, when we just feel that we need to make a change, somewhere in our life.

Follow  that gut feeling.

Be it a job, any kind of relation or the career that you feels made for you!

However to make that change, there are countless obstacles to overcome.

Here is the good news, obstacles pave way to opportunity.

Your determination will help you to make things better or have the courage to say No.

If you are determined you will find the courage.

If your not getting what you deserve, then do not succumb to challenges!

Have the courage to overcome them.

Just like a tadpole needs a rock to evolve into a frog.

Believe it possible! Change comes to those that show willpower!

However in all this do not forget to be patient! Patience will never let your hope fade.

With Time,Determination and patience you will make that change.

Your destiny will surely take a turn for the better!

Good luck!

All rights reserved © Verity Vyas



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