The Victorious Victim

As I drive at the minimum speed,
I see a rage driver on my tail.
Curiosity hits me, at the hatred I sense.

I check who is behind the wheel.
Indeed it is the man who hates me.
I pull to the shopping car park.

Grateful, my child is safe.
I will be safe, as I am not blinded like him.
I see he has driven up the same way.

Prayers in my heart, Faith in my feet,
I walk in. Indeed the blind fool pounces on me at the entrance.

“Call the police!” I am rescued.
Security assisted me. Police were on Patrol.
Shaking I feel my strength rush through my throat.

” I am alone but not weak. I am alone but better off without you. I rather raise my Son to be a gentleman, than a man who is blinded by rage. You are weak and cheap, stay away from us.”

The women and child are safe.

This is based on a road rage I witnessed today. A Man who tried to harm the car ahead of him, however he was an inch from knocking a woman crossing the road. The aggression I saw on his face muttering Bitch, stays with me.

No to #Road #Rage. Be smart. Be calm. Be safe.

Written by: Verity Vyas


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