The Irreplaceable Natural Environment

As we all know, humans have evolved from apes to mankind. From mankind to great discoveries. Such as Electricity, Telephone, Gravity and all modes of transport. This all advanced into email, mobile phones, automatic cars, rockets, aeroplanes, helicopters and bicycles have a different range of tyres to accomplish the required speed of personal preference. From Internet to WiFi! Goodness who can detox from it? People rely so much on it.  They miss out on quality time with the people they are speaking too. They miss out on social events that can help them. They miss out on an opportunity to create a memory.

Also farming methods of Fruits and Vegetables have changed drastically. Before, all natural methods, helped the crops prosper so they gave naturally good nutrition and the fragrance and texture, is just different from what we get today. There are so many chemicals used in growing food faster, that food has lost all its natural flavour and goodness. It has become carcinogenic.

The fragrance of flowers is disappearing at a fast pace. When I go the store, it is easy to find an attractive flower but where is the loud fragrance? Believe me, there is a difference in the fragrance when a flower is not cultivated naturally.

The Natural environment will always win in the end. Nothing beats it. Remember natural methods are always beneficial. Evolution will counteract at some point. This has been proved many a times.

So ponder, which world would you surround yourself in. An ever evolving world or a natural world? Which world is your preference?

This is the greatness of the irreplaceable natural environment.


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